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Are you an affiliate marketer wanting to drive traffic to your landing page without being banned
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We have a one-stop solution to all of your problems. Whether you're in ecommerce, gambling,
dating, cryptocurrency or any other industry, our whitelisting marketing solutions.

Now promote your affiliate links on major platforms such as Google, Facebook, TikTok, etc. with
our whitelisted domains and marketing tools

Market your affiliate links everywhere in 5 simple steps:


Type in your affiliate link


Select the GEO to which you're directing traffic


You'll get a pre-build domain for creating links


Type the received domain while setting up the advertising campaign


Get your profit in the affiliate program's account

Tons of traffic, without any complex tech
With PWA's product, you'll be free from:

  • - Domain registration and updating DNS

  • - Connecting domains to hosting

  • - Buying an expensive affiliate link tracker

  • - Creating a page with a separate white labeled domain

PWA includes all these services in one place! Isn't it cool?

How Have We Developed This Smart Marketing Tool for you?

We have a team of experts who always look to create innovative tools to help affiliate marketers get better ROI and revenue. Traditional setting up creatives and promoting a campaign need too much expertise.

With our tool, you don't need to be a specialist in performing complex functions. Affiliate marketing is a one-click-away thing for you. All you have to do is simply enter your affiliate program, type the ad account ID into the bot, and you're ready to get sales! Everything is one click away!

Why do you need to manage all the hassle of promoting an affiliate marketing campaign covertly with so much complexity when you have created an easy way for you?

With this advanced method, you only need to insert the affiliate link from the affiliate program and get your domain. You can use this whitelisted domain on Google, Facebook, TikTok, and any other advertising platform. Such an amazing product for marketers. Right?

Affiliate Marketing is as easy for you as promoting an offer with a mobile app. But your ads won't get banned with this product as with App ads!

Try to generate a link right now
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Your Facebook Pixel data is safe, forever

PWA App is the best for this purpose if you are looking for optimizing ads for a deposit or registration. With this, you can optimize your campaigns to drive traffic to apps for optimizing ads for a deposit. You can do this by creating a Facebook pixel through your advertising account.

With our tool, you can easily link Facebook Pixel with the domain we provide to you. Your all traffic will be driving to this without any issue. These steps include in the Process:

  • - Registration

  • - FD

  • - Request

  • - Any other event depending on your vertical

Even cooler, you can even load 1000 of your pixels from all ad accounts, and we'll train them all by sending events to every pixel.

Need Further Details? Stay with Us!

Let's make things easier for you. Suppose you have launched your first advertising campaign from 1 account, and you got 5 deps in your affiliate account.

We will send these 5 deps to your Facebook Pixel, and Facebook will effectively optimize your advertising campaign and present your ad to the right audience. The more events we send to Facebook, the better it will be optimized, and you'll start receiving higher ROI.

You must be thinking, what if Facebook banned your account? Don't worry, We have saved all the necessary data, and you can easily train your new pixel how your campaign should be optimized.

The more you work with us -
the smarter your pixels will become.
Due to this, your ROI will be higher each time!

Enter our bot and try!

Why is it better to work with links than with applications?

There are so many distractions because of social media, so users possibly leave a site very easily. What if they leave the site without performing a task or generating a lead?

We have the solution to this problem with PWA's push notifications.

Can You Install PWA on Mobile?

Our team of experts is working on it. Soon you will have a page with similar features to Google Play Store where you can easily get your visitors to download the PWA applications. The application is designed according to your specifications and technical aspects.

Your users can easily download the PWA application using the domain you generate from the tool. It will help you lead to the page where your users can easily download the PWA app on your smartphone.

Your clients will keep coming to you with our push notifications over their phones.
PWA will be the most effective tool in your affiliate marketing journey.

1. We will regularly
send him push notifications that will
return him to the application

2. The app is installed
and it's hard to forget
about it

Get an ROI of 400% with this strategy!