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  PWA-STORE Offer Agreement

  These terms and conditions determine the terms on which the use of the PWA-Store service is made PWA-STORE /https://pwa-store.net/ service offered by WEB-RESOURCE LLC (hereinafter referred to as "PWA-STORE" ' ).

  The legal entity, WEB-RESOURCE LLC (hereinafter referred to as "PWA-STORE") contractor is registered in the Russian Federation and provides services on the basis of an offer agreement.

  Customer - an individual who agrees to use the services of PWA-STORE on the resources under this offer agreement.

  User - an individual registered on the PWA-STORE resources.

  Resources - website, application and telegram bot that are related to the work of PWA-STORE.

  A third party - an individual or legal entity, may be a user of the PWA-STORE resources. A third party can be a representative of the Customer, Client, User, Contractor or Operator.

  Service - information on creating your own PWA application provided by PWA-STORE.

  Operator - a representative of PWA-STORE, who is an employee of the Contractor.

  Application - PWA-STORE mobile application protected by international royalty law. Is one of the resources of the Contractor.

  Website (Site) - PWA-STORE website on the Internet, protected by international royalty law. Is one of the resources of the Contractor.

  A telegram bot created in theapplicationTelegramby the company. Is one of the resources of the Contractor.

  Basic account - a registered account on the PWA-STORE resources with the right to receive general information.

  Paid account - a registered account on PWA-STORE resources, in accordance with this agreement on a paid basis, to receive privileged Services and information on PWA-STORE resources.

  Tariff - types of the provided Service, based on a fixed amount.

  Client - an individual, user of the PWA-STORE paid application.

  By registering a PWA-STORE user, you agree to the terms of the User Agreement and Privacy.

  All PWA-STORE customers are exclusively subject to this User Agreement. Other conditions for concluding transactions (and contracts) are not accepted.

  1. Access to resources / Conclusion of a contract.

  1.1. Access to the use of free PWA-STORE services implies registration, which takes place on the site, or at the time of installing the mobile application.

  1.2. At the moment of clicking the “buy” button in the Services section of the PWA-STORE application, or the buy button in the telegram bot, or on the PWA-STORE website (see clause 1.1), the client enters into a contractual relationship with PWA-STORE, which are governed by this User Agreement. Agreement and the terms of the Confidentiality.

  1.3. The contractual relationship arises only after confirmation of the order by PWA-STORE.

  1.4. The client guarantees to PWA-STORE that his data entered during registration or when ordering are correct.

  2. Use and Transfer of Data.

  2.1. PWA-STORE undertakes to comply with the requirements of the legislation on the protection of personal data.

  2.2. You will find information about the use of personal data by the PWA-STORE service in the Privacy Policy.

  2.3. PWA-STORE manages the creation of PWA applications on the Internet using a "builder" and provides the client with free and paid information. With the purchase of a subscription, the client gets access to the limited functionality of PWA-STORE, which contains more valuable information than free access.

  2.4. All customers can download the application for free and access the open chats and resources of the PWA-STORE application.

  2.5. Customers can also use the service as a paid user. Before purchasing paid access, the client is informed about the specific paid service and the terms of payment. The payment obligation arises only after the client confirms the subscription order and the payment obligations arising in this connection by means of a "mouse click" (or other similar action).

  3. Terms of cooperation.

  3.1. PWA-STORE has the right to authorize third parties to provide partial or complete services. However, this should not create any inconvenience to customers.

  3.2. PWA-STORE will restrict access to data for clients, of which PWA-STORE becomes aware of incorrect or prohibitive actions (see clause 6.0).

  3.3. PWA-STORE guarantees service availability for 95% of the calendar year. The specified volume does not include service stops through no fault of PWA-STORE, for example, in the event of necessary service work or due to force majeure or technical problems with the Internet.

  4. Cancellation of registration, termination of the contract.

  4.1. If you lose access to your account with any kind of paid PWA-STORE services, funds for the paid period will not be refunded.

  4.2. An agreement on a paid account, paid for by a bank card or payment system, is extended for the agreed term of the agreement, if the client does not announce the termination of the agreement during the term for terminating the agreement (see clause 4.4) before the expiration of the agreement, in accordance with clause 11.1.

  When renewing the contract, the withdrawal of the amount for the agreed term of the contract is carried out automatically.

  4.3. The term for termination of the contract expires 1 day before the end of the contract. Thus, you can cancel the renewal at any time, but no later than 2 days before the end of the current contract.

  4.4. Cancellation of a paid account is only valid if it is clearly sore in writing.

  4.5. When terminating the contract in writing, for clear authentication and to protect against abuse, it is necessary for the client to indicate in his statement of termination of the contract his email address and contact phone number, which he provided to PWA-STORE when purchasing a subscription through the website, or indicate his unique id in application, if the purchase was made through the application, or your nickname or the contact number of the telegram account from which the paid subscription was purchased through the PWA-STORE telegram channel, or the PWA-STORE telegram bot. A written statement of termination of the contract must be sent by e-mail to [email protected]

  4.6. After the expiration of the paid account, the client's subscription is automatically renewed (see clause 10.1).

  4.7. The right of both parties to extraordinary termination of the contract for both the Basic account and the paid account remains intact. PWA-STORE has, in particular, grounds for extraordinary termination if the client, when registering or when ordering and / or subsequent changes in his data, deliberately indicated incorrect information that interferes with the work of PWA-STORE, or has repeatedly violated the rules of PWA-STORE, in particular those referred to in clause 6 of this document, as well as if PWA-STORE unsuccessfully warned the client about the need to comply with the General Terms of Business (warning).

  5. Responsibility of PWA-STORE.

  5.1. In case of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the terms of this agreement, the parties shall be liable under this agreement and the legislation of the Russian Federation.

  5.2. The User agrees that the Service provided to him by the Operator may be an object of intellectual property, the rights to which are protected.

  5.3. With regard to text materials (articles, publications that are freely available public to the Site), their distribution in any form and in any source is permitted, only on the condition that an active link is given to the site / application / channel in social networks, messenger.

  Any kind of information of articles, publications that are in limited, paid access on the Site, is prohibited to distribute in any form. Failure to comply with this paragraph follows the immediate blocking of the user without a refund for the current subscription.

  5.4. The operator is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses incurred by the user in connection with the use or inability to use the application or its individual services by the user, as well as in case of unauthorized access by third parties to the personal account.

  5.5. The foregoing limitations of liability apply accordingly to all bodies, employees and third parties involved in PWA-STORE.

  5.6. The Operator is not responsible for the discrepancy between the provided Service and the user's expectations and / or for his subjective assessment, such inconsistency with expectations and / or negative subjective assessment are not grounds for considering the services rendered poorly, or not in the agreed volume.

  6. Scope of responsibility and obligations of the client / prohibited acts / exemption from liability.

  6.1. The client is responsible for the accuracy of all information provided about himself in any PWA-STORE resource. Whether it's an app, website or telegram-bot.

  6.2. The client guarantees that the data entered is true and describes him personally. The parties to the agreement agree that PWA-STORE has the right to check the entered data for their correctness.

  6.3. The client guarantees that he does not pursue any professional and (or) business purposes in connection with his registration. He undertakes not to use information from PWA-STORE resources for professional or business purposes.

  6.4. The client guarantees that, within the framework of the PWA-STORE offers and services, he does not download photographs, texts, computer programs or other information protected by copyright without having the necessary rights or consent for this.

  6.5. The client agrees to comply with all applicable laws upon registration.

  6.6. The client does not have the right under any circumstances (prohibited actions): to deliberately publicly share in any Internet resources any kind of data from paid chats and services of the PWA-STORE company. In particular, without the consent of the authorized third parties, the client has no right to indicate:

  1) bank details or bank data of third parties;

  2) open access to personal information, in particular to names, telephone and fax numbers, postal addresses, e-mail addresses, photo and video files and / or URL addresses;

  The client also has no right under any circumstances:

  1) to distribute defamatory, indecent or other illegal materials or similar information;

  2) threaten other persons, disturb the peace of other persons or violate the rights (including personal rights) of third parties;

  3) download data containing viruses (infected computer programs);

  4) use the service in a way that adversely affects the availability of offers to other customers;

  5) try to fraudulently gain access to paid chats and services of the PWA-STORE company;

  6) distribute advertising of any kind, in any form;

  7) send a chain of letters;

  8) indicate names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses, usernames or other contact information from messaging systems or other Internet services in the personal description (profile);

  9) transfer to third parties or jointly with third parties to use usernames and personal passwords.

  6.7. Unacceptable use for professional or business purposes within the meaning of this regulation is: offering any goods or services for a fee, calling for an appropriate offer or a link to a corresponding offer available elsewhere; advertising of commercial Internet sites, i.e., in particular, such sites through which goods or services are offered for a fee, which serve to represent or advertise companies or advertise other commercial Internet sites. This applies in particular to advertisements in the form of pop-ups, banner advertisements or particularly prominent or visible links; creating links (direct or indirect) to the contact portal of another service; indication of numbers of additional special services in the field of communication (in particular, telephone numbers starting with 800) or numbers for SMS with an additional cost (premium SMS) within the framework of this PWA-STORE, search for employees, etc. for similar portals or any kind of commercial organizations in the service sector; commercial collection of profile data available through the contact portal, or requesting data (for example, phone numbers) from other customers, for example for commercial use, advertising or resale; sending other customers of the service or other customers of advertising in any form related to commercial offers, and sending messages serving commercial purposes. This applies in particular to the establishment and indication of the corresponding links in the data profiles or the sending of messages via the internal communication system.

  6.8. The Client undertakes not to cause PWA-STORE losses by any kind of complaints, losses or claims that may arise as a result of his registration and (or) participation in this service, if these losses are not based on the intent or negligence of PWA-STORE or his legal representatives or third parties involved by them. In particular, the client undertakes to indemnify PWA-STORE from any liability and from all obligations, costs and claims that may arise in relation to PWA-STORE as a result of unauthorized actions of the client, for example, due to defamation, insult, violation of personal rights, intellectual property infringement or other rights of third parties or refusal of service for other customers.

  7. Terms of payment.

  7.1. Payment by bank cards is carried out through the payment system.

  7.2. VISA, MasterCard, MIR cards are accepted for payment.

  7.3. The service of payment via the Internet is carried out in accordance with the Rules of the international payment systems VISA, MasterCard and Payment system MIR on the principles of confidentiality and security of payment, for which the most modern methods of verification, encryption and data transfer over closed communication channels are used. Bank card details are entered on the secure payment page of MOBI.Money JSC. On the page for entering bank card data, you will need to enter bank card details: card number, cardholder name, card expiration date, three-digit security code (CVV2 for VISA, CVC2 for MasterCard, Additional Identification Code for MIR). All the necessary data is printed on the card itself. The three-digit security code is the three digits found on the back of the card. Next, you will be redirected to the page of your bank to enter the security code, which will be sent to you via SMS. If the security code did not come to you, then you should contact the bank that issued you the card.

  7.4. Cases of refusal to make a payment:

  7.4.1. The bank card is not intended for making payments via the Internet, which can be found out by contacting your Bank;

  7.4.2. There are not enough funds to pay on the bank card. You can find out more about the availability of funds on a bank card by contacting the bank that issued the bank card; bank card details were entered incorrectly;

  7.4.3. The bank card has expired. The validity period of the card, as a rule, is indicated on the face of the card (this is the month and year until which the card is valid). You can find out more about the validity period of the card by contacting the bank that issued the bank card;

  7.6. The personal information you provide (name, address, phone number, e-mail, bank card number) is confidential and not subject to disclosure. Your credit card information is transmitted only in encrypted form and is not stored on our web server.

  7.7. The payment must be made in advance by the PWA-STORE customer for the selected period, without any deductions. Customer payments are always credited first towards interest, penalties and previous debts.

  7.8. By purchasing paid services and providing payment information at the time of purchase, the client grants PWA-STORE the right to carry out a payment transaction.

  7.9. The cost of the Services is set by the operator in the tariffs published on the website or in any other official source.

  7.10. The operator has the right to unilaterally change (increase, decrease), set new ones, cancel prices for existing services in whole or in part. If the user disagrees with the change (introduction) of new prices, the user has the right to unilaterally refuse to execute this Agreement in the manner provided for in section 11.1. present agreement.

  7.11. Payment of remuneration paid by the User in the amount of 100% prepayment (a payment procedure is possible in accordance with the terms of the shares (special offer) at the time of confirmation using the application service.

  7.12. Payments for services are generally provided in the form of direct debit (withdrawal of funds from the account bank card, which does not require confirmation by the user) funds from the user's account, in accordance with the current tariffs. соглашения.

  7.13. When providing services, an act of services rendered is not formed or signed.

  The services are considered to be rendered properly and accepted by the user in full, if within one calendar day after the expiration of the term for the provision of services, the operator has not received from the user motivated written objections regarding the quality of the services provided by e-mail [email protected]

  In case of subscribing to services, the user has the right to cancel the subscription in accordance with the requirements of clause 4.3. The absence of any written comments within the specified period is considered to be an acknowledgment of the fact that the service is of the proper quality. Refunds can be made only to the card with which the payment for the operator's services was made. The subscription is valid for the entire term of the offer agreement.

  8. Blocking suspicious clients.

  8.1. PWA-STORE has the right, in the event of a justified complaint from a third party, suspicion of a violation of the right or violation of this User Agreement, to block the client's information that led to the specified complaint or the specified suspicion. The right to extraordinary termination of the contract is not affected by the above provision.

  8.2. If PWA-STORE pre-warning is acceptable, PWA-STORE pre-warning is required for blocking to give the customer a chance to dispel suspicion or remedy deficiencies. If a preliminary warning is not acceptable, for example, if the blocking is necessary in order to prevent possible losses of PWA-STORE or another client, PWA-STORE will inform the client immediately after the blocking is carried out and give him the opportunity to express his position and eliminate the deficiencies.

  8.3. PWA-STORE may delete or block information at any time if a court or government authorities require PWA-STORE to do so, or if the relationship of use has been terminated. The same applies in cases where deletion or blocking is necessary to prevent imminent loss to PWA-STORE or another customer.

  8.4. If the client's access to the services of a paid account was blocked and it later turns out that the blocking was unjustified, the period of validity of the paid services is extended accordingly. If the renewal is not possible or objectively unacceptable, PWA-STORE will refund the remuneration corresponding to the blocking period.

  9. Changes to the General Terms of Business.

  9.1. PWA-STORE reserves the right to revise this User Agreement retroactively. Changes are considered accepted if the client goes to the PWA-STORE resource, where the changes will be indicated (PWA-STORE application,website, telegram bot). Also, the changes are considered to be accepted automatically by each client three days after the changes were made. If the client objects to any change, PWA-STORE has the right to terminate the relationship of use based on the general rules of this agreement.

  10. Termination of Agreement.

  10.1. The declaration of will to conclude an agreement can be revoked within two weeks without giving reasons in writing to [email protected] e-mail. The term begins to run from the moment this clarification is received, but not until the conclusion of the contract and not until the performance of the information obligations of PWA-STORE. Timely submission is sufficient to meet the deadline for revoking the declaration of will.

  10.2. The right to revoke the expression of will is lost early if the contract, at your express request, was fully executed by both parties before you exercised your right of revocation.

  11. Refund Policy.

  11.1. The services provided by the Contractor under this Agreement are digital, the Operator offers the User the opportunity to subscribe to services for a minimum fee. As a general rule, the refund of fees for services is not provided, however, the Operator reserves the right to consider applications related to refunds for services on an individual basis.

  11.2. In case of proven facts of fraudulent actions on the part of the User, or in case of violation by the User of clause 5.3 of this Agreement, the funds paid for the services will not be refunded.

  11.3. A full refund is possible in the following cases:

  11.3.1. When access to the services was not provided to the User within 24 (twenty four) hours from the moment of payment for the services at the relevant Tariff, or was blocked for the User, without violating his obligations under this Agreement, for the appropriate time period in the current, paid period for the provision of services ;

  11.3.2. The payment was made by mistake, that is, if the services for the same Tariff were paid by the User with an interval of no more than 10 minutes between payments and if the User applied to the Operator with an application for a refund, within a period not exceeding 48 (forty eight) hours from the moment of the second payment.

  11.4. Partial refund is possible in the following cases:

  11.4.1. If the services were unavailable for the Customer due to the fault, or due to the inaction of the Operator, for a period of more than 3 (three) hours in a row, while the refund is made in the amount of 5% of the amount paid by the User for the provision of services in the current period.

  11.5. Refunds are made only when the User directly contacts the Operator with a corresponding statement. When applying for a refund to payment service providers, the Operator does not make a refund, in order to avoid double refunds.

  12. Changes to Terms.

  12.1. Changes and additions to this agreement come into force from the moment they are published on the official website. The user understands and agrees that if he uses the site after the date of making the appropriate changes to this agreement, this will be regarded as the fact that the user has accepted the agreement in the new edition. The user's acceptance of the changes in the updated agreement comes into force in any case one day after the date of publication on the official website or in the application.

  12.2. The user has the right to refuse to accept changes and additions to the agreement made by the operator, which means the user refuses to use the site or service.

  13. Final provisions.

  13.1. The place of performance and the exclusive place for resolving disputes is the address / location of the company "WEB-RESOURCE" LLC, unless otherwise provided by law.

  13.2. There are no verbal or written additional agreements.

  13.3. If certain provisions of this agreement are or become invalid, the remaining provisions of the agreement remain valid. The offer agreement is automatically prolonged for the next term.

   Requisites and contact information of the Contractor:

  LLC "WEB-RESOURCE" 426056, Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk, 50th square anniversary of October, building 6, office 10.

  INN - 1840088901

  Support service: [email protected]

  Approved: 11/17/2021