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1.1. Within the framework of this Offer, upon receipt by the Contractor of Personal data of individuals from the Customer, the Contractor undertakes to process Personal Data strictly in accordance with the rules for processing personal data provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation. The Customer transfers personal data to the Contractor in order to provide the Services specified in this Offer and entrusts the Contractor with their processing, performed using automation tools and / or without using such means, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, changing), extraction, use, transfer (provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data from its own register.

1.2. The Contractor ensures compliance with all the requirements of the legislation and other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation in relation to the processing and transfer of personal data of individuals received from the Customer.

1.3. The Contractor uses the personal data of individuals received from the Customer only for the provision of Services under this Offer.

1.4. The customer is obliged to fulfill all the requirements of legislation and other regulatory legal acts in relation to the processing and transfer of personal data of individuals to the Contractor, which are transferred to the Contractor. All personal data received by the Contractor from the Customer is understood to be legally obtained in compliance with the provisions of the legislation on personal data*. The Customer acknowledges that his violation of the procedure for handling personal data does not impose any responsibility on the Contractor and deprives the Customer of the right of the Customer to file claims against the Contractor in relation to a violation of the personal data regime, unless such a violation was completely guilty by the Contractor, provided that the Customer observes all the requirements of the current legislation on the handling of personal data.

CONSENT to receive newsletters and advertising materials

By registering and/or entering my data on the website, its services or its subdomains, I agree to receive mailing of promotional and / or informational materials via SMS services, e-mail, instant messengers, using telecommunication communication channels from LLC "WEB-RESOURCE".

I register and/or enter my data at, as well as on its services or its subdomains (including for the purpose of sending an application for receiving services), I give my consent to receive newsletters, including advertising containing information, as well as, but not limited to, about goods and services, the availability of special offers, promotions in relation to them, conditions related to the purchase and use of these goods and services, about events, presentations, offers from partners, as well as mailings prepared as a personal recommendation for me, taking into account the analysis of purchasing behavior by means of mailing (sending messages by e-mail or using the media).

By giving such consent, I confirm that I am acting of my own free will and in my interest, and I also undertake to provide reliable personal data.

I confirm that I have the information that at any time during the entire period of validity of this consent, I have the right to withdraw the consent of this agreement, and unsubscribe from receiving mailings by clicking on the corresponding link that exists in any letter.

I am also informed that if I have any questions regarding refusal, including from SMS mailings, I can ask for help by sending an email to the following e-mail address: [email protected]

This agreement is valid for 5 years. The Agreement shall be automatically extended for the next period, if the parties have not expressed a written message to change its terms or termination within 10 days of its expiration

  Requisites and contact information of the Contractor:

  LLC "WEB-RESOURCE" 426056, Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk, 50th square anniversary of October, building 6, office 10.

  INN - 1840088901

  Support service: [email protected]

  Approved: 11/17/2021